Colleen Smith
Dr. Smith is a graduate of Ross University and has been practicing integrative medicine since 2005. She has predominantly worked with small animals, but in 2008 started her own Equine practice that offered primarily acupuncture and chiropractic treatments for local horse owners. Working in small animal practices has given her an opportunity to learn and apply the principals of conventional Western medicine, recognizing the necessity of its integration with alternative treatments. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, and has a special interest in dietary therapy using principals of traditional Chinese veterinary food therapy. She is also a certified chiropractitioner. She has recently accepted appointment as vice president to the board for the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) which is the national association for holistic veterinarians. She is also the alternate delegate for the AAVA (American Association for Veterinary Acupuncturists). Additionally, she is on the board of Chattaneuter, a new low cost spay/neuter clinic in Chattanooga. Dr. Smith is an avid whitewater kayaker and yoga practitioner, and she also enjoys hiking with her two dogs Scout, a Cattle dog/Border Collie mix, and Hank, a Labrador/Greyhound mix.

(Secret Aspiration) Cure cancer holistically and then become a roady for The Foo Fighters!!

Katie Smithson
Dr. Katie Smithson grew up in Chattanooga, and graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She spent the following 11 years working in a holistic small animal veterinary hospital in Charlotte, NC. She and her family moved back to the Chattanooga area in 2014. Dr. Smithson is a certified small animal/equine acupuncturist, and especially loves soft tissue surgery, geriatric medicine, and working with pet owners to create a wellness plan for their animal companions. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is getting to know pets and their owners over the course of their lives, and working to protect the human-animal bond. When she’s not at work, Dr. Katie enjoys spending time with her family (husband Jay and children Will, Anna, and Charlie). Her family also includes furry and feathered members: Mayzie the dog, Tyson the cat, and five feisty chickens that (literally) rule the roost. Dr. Katie loves to experiment in the kitchen, and usually has her nose in a book during her downtime.

(Secret Aspiration) Dr. Katie would like to be a backup singer for Taylor Swift.

Sherry Hope
Hospital Administrator
Sherry is a founding member of CHAI and has spent most her working life in the management field. Sherry attended Chattanooga State Technical College in both the business management and paralegal programs. Because of her love of animals, she was a veterinary technician for 10 years before pursuing a career in Veterinary Hospital Administration. She is a certified veterinary stem cell technician, full time college student, reiki master, and constantly strives to advance the use of integrative medicine in the veterinary community through education and organized events.

(Secret Aspiration) Sherry aspires to someday orchestrate the collapse of the pharmaceutical monopoly on the health and welfare of the world to allow humans and animals access to valuable medications at an affordable cost. She also hopes to cease production of medications that cause greater side effects than the problems they address. Obviously the power to do these things will require that she first be made Queen of Earth. Watch for your ballots…

Jennifer McGuire
Master Herbalist
Jennifer became a veterinary technician in 2007 and is Chi Institute certified. She is also board certified through the American Academy of Drug-less Practitioners as a holistic practitioner and master herbalist. She has worked closely with Dr. Smith for many years, learning the benefits and techniques of Chinese medicine and nutrition therapy. She is also certified as a veterinary stem cell technician, reiki master, and Tui-Na therapist. Before becoming a Veterinary Technician, Jennifer worked as a rescue coordinator at a local animal shelter and has been deeply involved with many rescue organizations in our area.

Meg Watson
Client Liaison
Meg is a graduate of Georgia State University with a B.A. in French and a concentration in French Literature. Shortly after graduation, Meg relocated to Chattanooga where she decided to turn her passion for animals into a career. She started off working a local daycare and made her way to a local veterinarian’s office. Meg is now the Client Liaison at CHAI and considers herself to be the “Fairy Dogmother” of the office, giving out treats and pets wherever she goes. Meg volunteers with local wildlife rehabbers in her spare time, and loves her two goblin mixes, Violette and Simone, more than life itself. She is also certified in Reiki I and II.

(Secret Aspiration) Meg aspires to start an educational program for the opossum community to educate them on the dangers of roadway crossings and how to avoid injury. She would also like opossum crosswalks installed on all streets and highways to offer opossums safe passage to the other side.

Courtney Reed
Client Liaison
Courtney has worked with animals professionally for the last 8 years. During that time, she has explored many different aspects of the animal care field from grooming and kennel work to daycare and training. You may have seen Courtney around CHAI in our early days as she worked to help us get up and running smoothly before taking some time to travel abroad. She is back with us again and while her official title is now Client Liaison, you may also see her assisting in the rehab department and working with pets in the treatment area.

(Secret Aspiration) Courtney aspires to become a Pokemon Master and spends her free time chasing, capturing, and training Pokemon.

Sandy Stafford
Client Liaison
Sandy has worked in the veterinary field on and off for 15 years with a 10 year hiatus in Pennsylvania. She started as a technician and after 4 years found that she really enjoyed the role of receptionist. She and her husband, Doug, have 2 daughters who also work in the veterinary field. Jennifer is a board certified veterinarian in both internal medicine and critical care outside the DC area and Nikki is a technician for veterinary opthalmology in Orlando, FL. Sandy and Doug have 3 horses, 2 dogs and 4 cats.

(Secret Aspiration) Start an unplugged, violence free, intentional community centered around yoga and natural horsemanship.

Jo Moyes
Jo grew up in Northern Utah and graduated college in Oklahoma. She served in AmeriCorps in Florida and studied abroad in Russia. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician course at Chattanooga State and holds a AAS in Veterinary Technology and is a certified Stem Cell Technician as well. She has obtained her Tui-Na certification through The Chi Institute in Florida and has also become certified and accredited as a Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist. Jo shares her life with a fabulously sweet Stafordshire Terrier named Conner Macmanus which she adopted from McKamey Animal Center and Amelia Peabody who has become a celebrity in her own right. (Find Amelia Peabody on Facebook.)

(Secret Aspiration) Jo aspires to travel the globe as a masked and caped superhero rescuing Pit Bulls from Breed Specific Legislation. In her spare time she plans to commit acts of rebellion against Monsanto.

Kara Mischke

Kara Mischke
Head Technician
Kara is CHAI’s Head Technician and one of our surgery technicians. She has been in the veterinary field for 8 years and has worked as a veterinary technician for the last 5. She is currently attending school to become certified as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. She is an avid natural horsemanship practitioner and competitive riding enthusiast. She loves being at one with nature as reflected in her hobbies of hiking, swimming, archery, and horse training. Kara’s pets include, Envious Grace, who is her beautiful Pit Bull, Oso her tiny lion/pom mix, 2 horses, 6 chickens and 1 cat.

(Secret Aspiration) Kara aspires to travel the world on horseback dispensing justice to bad pet owners and Monsanto.

Sara Beasley

Sara Beasley
Sara is a veterinary technician and our inventory specialist. She began her career at CHAI almost five years ago after attending Chattanooga State College. She is a certified stem cell technician and Reiki practitioner. She strives hard to assist CHAI clients through detailed communications using her knowledge of alternative veterinary medicine, gained through her many years working closely with Dr. Smith.
Sara is currently expecting her first child, River Oaklyn, in early September.

(Secret Aspiration) Sara aspires to someday operate the worlds largest miniature cow rescue, because Sara LIKES COWS!


Hannah Weber

Hannah Weber
Surgical Technician
Hannah has worked in veterinary medicine for the last 6 years. She is currently pursuing her AAS in veterinary technology. In her spare time, she does home improvement projects and refurbishes and up-cycles antique furniture. Hannah is part of CHAI’s surgical team and considers it her favorite part of veterinary medicine. She has 5 dogs, a leopard gecko, and a hedgehog named Hendrix.

(Secret Aspiration) Hannah aspires to someday circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon, playing classic rock on her ukulele, with her hedgehog, Hendrix.

Bonnie Presson

Bonnie Presson
Bonnie graduated from The University of Tennessee at Martin in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Veterinary Health Technology. After college, Bonnie moved to Austin,TX for a short time but returned back home to Tennessee and has chosen to make her permanent home in Chattanooga. She thrives in alternative veterinary medicine and has interest in becoming a Master Herbalist. Bonnie spends most of her free time outside, hiking and enjoying all the things that Chattanooga has to offer. She makes her home with 2 dogs, Maxx and Django, and 1 boyfriend named Cody.

(Secret Aspiration) Bonnie aspires to soon be able to travel to Australia to open the first fear free kangaroo rescue.


Olivia Munch

Olivia Munch
Olivia went to MTSU and graduated with a bachelors degree in Animal Science. She has worked in the veterinary field for 4 years and is interested in exploring alternative veterinary medicine and has a special interest in acupuncture. She moved to Chattanooga to work with CHAI to further expand her veterinary medical knowledge. She and her fiance, Matt are owned by 1 Staffordshire Terrier named Adelaide and one, very vocal, Siamese cat named Bean.

(Secret Aspiration) Ensure the Chick Fil A cows are being fairly compensated for their hard work and that labor law standards are properly applied to all cows in advertising.


Lucy Fitts

Lucy Fitts

Lucy is a retired police sergeant from Miami-Dade Florida. She has always had a love of animals to include Grand Prix and Dressage horses. She resides in Dunlap Tennessee with her husband Bob, 4 cats that they rescued from Miami, and a little mixed terrier, Mia. Lucy has volunteered at CHAI since opening day and without her tireless efforts to help us to run smoothly, we could not provide the level of care that we offer. She has become an incredibly valued member of our team.

(Secret Aspiration) Lucy hopes to someday open a shoe museum to exhibit her extensive collection.

Amelia Peabody

Amelia Peabody
Director of Shenanigans and Rehab Department Mascot
Amelia Peabody is CHAI’s Director of Shenanigans and Rehab Department Mascot. She came to CHAI in April of 2017 in severely bad physical condition bordering on death. She was emaciated, dehydrated, had broken ribs, both femoral heads were broken and she had strong head tremors. Through much hard work by both her and the CHAI staff, an FHO surgery to remove unrepairable femoral heads, and adoption and rehabilitation by Jo Moyes, she has risen through the ranks and now has the whole rehab department named after her. The Amelia Peabody Rehabilitation Center will be opening in September of 2017 with Amelia leading the way. She has an amazing spirit and strives to do a good job of being a puppy and learning how to walk and play like a normal dog. With the help of her brother, Mac, she is starting to have a normal life and looks forward to many years of teaching others that no matter the adversity, you can overcome! You can follow Amelia Peabody on Facebook.

(Secret Aspiration) Amelia plans to someday attend magic school so she can go on to have a Vegas magic show where she will be paid in treats and toys.


Loved this place! Took my rat and they were so nice and caring. Every single staff member was excellent and seemed like they loved being there. It was clean. As a pet owner, you never want to need to go to the vet, but when you do, I'm glad I have a place like this to use.

My dog just had a non-anesthetic teeth cleaning. The staff did a great job on my dog's teeth. Every member of the staff was professional, attentive, and caring. I would highly recommend this veterinary center.

I took my dog Chief here because my vet had said his liver enzymes were high long story short they listened to my concerns, x-rays were done and we were off to the ER for surgery. I loved the care they gave my baby and the peace of mind they gave me. I am switching vets needless to say! Love them!