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Holistic Benefits

Benefits of Holistic Medicine For Your Pet

Holistic vet with catIncreasingly, owners are becoming frustrated with the restricted approach of traditional medicine for their pets. If they live with chronic illness or pain, you may feel that the medical team who is supposed to be supporting them has run out of answers. For some, the route of surgery and pharmaceuticals is simply not an option. Not every pet with the same illness or condition has to follow the same protocol, nor will they respond to the same treatment in the same manner. Treatments will vary from animal to animal depending on many different factors. What is successful or valuable for one may not hold true for another. For others that have already tried the traditional route for their animal without any beneficial results or have even developed a worsening of conditions may well find the holistic direction ideal.

By choosing holistic veterinary medicine, you will be encouraged to take a major role in your pet's treatment and maintenance. You will also be invited to work with us to make informed and active decisions about management of your pet's health. Even if they do not currently suffer from a medical complaint, holistic veterinary medicine offers you the opportunity to take control of your pet's health care path. We also have found that starting puppies and kittens in a holistic direction decreases some chronic issues and illnesses in the length and severity of clinical diseases.

Some holistic and alternative treatments that can offer comparable medical improvements:

• Acupuncture can be used to treat the pain and inflammation that occurs with arthritis

• Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a potential alternative to surgery for dogs with intervertebral disc disease pain and mobility issues

• Laser therapy works safely and very quickly to treat infected or non-healing wounds

• Nutrition therapy for pet allergies to minimize the need for ongoing allergy medications

• Massage therapy improves mobility, flexibility and reduces inflammation in muscle tissue

• Eastern and Western herbs can be used as safe alternatives to many conventional medications for chronic conditions and diseases

• Prolotherapy in select cases can be used to improve the stability of a knee joint is older dogs especially if they are poor candidates for surgery