Our Dundee age 15 &1/2 has had bad arthritis and has been deaf for over two years. His vet said he had done all he could for him. Dundee was really down when we heard about Dr. Smith. Under Dr. Smith’s care, treatments, special medicines and diet (which he loves), Dundee is much improved. He is more alert, can walk better and can almost get up by himself. We believe, hope and pray that with Dr. Smith’s care, Dundee will continue to get better. If you love your pets, she is the vet you need.

Joni Hawkins

Outstanding. The facility and staff here all have a great energy. Highly recommended, could not be happier with how well they handled our usually nervous pup. Two paws up.

J Walt

I am so happy I finally found a great vet! It is scary to have a sick pet and not know who to turn to. CHAI has a great atmosphere and has totally improved the quality of life for my cat. I am so thankful!

E. Ink

Absolutely love the experience here and both the doctor and the staff are fabulous. I have looked for a healthier way to treat my animals for years and this is it! Highly recommend this clinic.

B. Kwasnik