Wellness Exams

Our major focus at CHAI is preventative care and the lifelong wellness of your pet. We provide complete medical examinations, focused on teaching you what you need to know and what to do, to keep your pet as healthy as possible. We look at each animal as an individual and create a plan based on preventative needs or maintenance support. However, if you need help with ANY medical problem, rest assured that we can – and will – deal with it in a prompt, professional manner.

Diagnostic Services

Whether your pet needs basic or advanced diagnostics to identify what is wrong, we can help. Our doctors are experienced at resolving even complicated medical problems. We can perform most diagnostic procedures, from identifying what exactly that mysterious new lump on your cat or dog is, to performing digital x-rays, running an EKG, and analyzing blood and urine tests. We also utilize the finest medical laboratories to ensure fast, accurate results.

CHAI doctors work closely with specialists in all areas of veterinary medicine, including cardiologists (heart), dental specialists, dermatologists (skin), imaging specialists (ultrasound, MRI, CAT scans), orthopedic surgeons (bones and joints), oncologists (cancer), and ophthalmologists (eyes).

Cancer Screening

CHAI offers a unique blood test panel that detects inflammation and cancer in canines. This test can provide valuable information about the health status of the pet before clinical signs of the disease are observed. If cancer is actually suspected there is also a Biomarker screen that can aid in a diagnostic workup and therapeutic monitoring. The two tests can also be supported with a canine Vitamin D test, sufficient levels are critical for assuring immune health. The Cancer screen test is required when a pet is scheduled for the Stem Cell procedure and is recommended for all pets who are aging. Early detection is the key to survival for pets as with humans when fighting most cancers.

We likewise offer Feline-specific Haptoglobin test for the objective determination of systemic inflammation. It is used to detect hidden inflammatory disease and monitor treatment & recovery. There is additionally a Feline Biomarker test for suspected cancer; it is also useful for the differential diagnosis of intestinal lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease.


Your dog or cat may be over vaccinated! CHAI’s approach to vaccinations is individualized. That means that we prescribe vaccine protocols to fit your pet’s specific lifestyle and needs, after a careful discussion with you about the risks your pet faces. We’ll explain what your pet needs – and what your pet doesn’t need – and why.

We’ll also tell you about today’s alternatives to yearly vaccines. All of our staff members are up to date on the newest vaccine recommendations. And these aren’t just our ideas – they represent input from major veterinary groups such as the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of Feline Practitioners, and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. All of these groups have published statements attesting to the need to be cautious about vaccines. Let us tailor a vaccination plan that’s right for just your pet.

The protocols of these associations are based on decades of research by Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Ronald Shultz who are world renowned veterinary immunologists.

You can learn more from Dr. Dodds here;


What is a Titer?
A titer is a test of your pet’s blood to look for antibodies against certain diseases. Titer tests are used to determine if your pet still possesses antibodies from previous vaccinations which protect them from disease.

Why Titer?
You may choose to have your pets blood tested for these antibodies to avoid having to unnecessarily revaccinate your pet for a disease it may already be protected against. Some health problems are actually made far more severe by over vaccination, which can be life threatening. Please discuss titer options for your pet with a staff member prior to or during your vaccination appointment. It is an inexpensive way to help ensure your pets continued health.


Healthy teeth and gums are a key factor in your pets health and long life. CHAI can put together a comprehensive plan to improve your pet’s health, starting with good dental hygiene. Regular professional care of your dog’s or cat’s teeth and gums is necessary for most pets, just as it is for you. The old adage that eating a dry pet food maintains healthy teeth just isn’t true! Our veterinary dental facility is fully equipped for procedures ranging from routine cleaning and polishing to surgical extractions. CHAI also performs non-anesthetic dentals for pets who are candidates for the procedure. We use the same individualized anesthetic plans and monitoring for your pet as we use in our surgical suite.

Dental cleaning without anesthesia is scheduled on regular surgery days. We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation so that other pets may be scheduled. Two cancellations will require prepayment for the service and the service will be non-refundable if it is cancelled. Most awake dental cleanings take 30-45 minutes to complete. If your pet has a large amount of tartar or inflamed gums, our doctor may prescribe antibiotics to be given 48 hours before the dental cleaning and continued for at least 5 days after the procedure. They are not required in all patients. For animals referred to our center, the primary veterinarian will make the decision as to which pets require antibiotics prior to cleaning. Herbal prescriptions may also be given for gingival inflammation depending on the case. These may be combined with antibiotics or used alone.


​​Ultrasound is safe and painless, and produces pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves. High-frequency sound waves are transmitted from the probe through a small amount of gel and into the body. The probe collects the sounds that bounce back and a computer then uses those sound waves to create an image. Ultrasound examinations do not use ionizing radiation, thus there is no radiation exposure to the patient. Because ultrasound images are captured in real-time, they can show the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs. Most patients do not need to be sedated for the procedure making ultrasound a very safe and effective diagnostic tool.

Digital X-rays


At CHAI we believe in both minimizing the radiation exposure and the stress and animal experiences when being positioned for an X-ray.

We utilize state of the art Digital X-ray equipment, which decreases the time an animal must be restrained and improves the evaluation time needed to review the x-ray. We will have the digital radiographs sent to a veterinary specialist in radiology for further evaluation when necessary.


You can provide your dogs and cats with safe lifetime protection by having a microchip implanted. The microchip — about the size of a grain of rice — can be easily implanted into the skin between the shoulder blades by one of our trained veterinary staff and without anesthesia.

It’s a sad fact that over 85% of lost pets are never recovered due to lack of identification. You can maximize the opportunity to be reunited with your pet by calling for a microchipping appointment. A microchip provides permanent, lifetime identification which can immensely improve the chances of recovering your pet.


If your dog or cat needs surgery, Dr. Katie Smithson is an excellent soft tissue surgeon. CHAI also offer the latest in anesthetic and monitoring techniques to make surgery as safe as possible for your pet, from start to finish. The anesthesia is carefully calculated, and based on the patient’s weight, body type, and breed.

Each surgery patient is under constant supervision by a highly trained assistant. Surgical monitoring includes, but is certainly not limited to, steady monitoring and record-keeping of the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, pulse oximetry, EKG and fluid needs. We also offer an integrated approach to pain management that incorporates elements of traditional non-steroidal medications, homeopathics, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.

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Loved this place! Took my rat and they were so nice and caring. Every single staff member was excellent and seemed like they loved being there. It was clean. As a pet owner, you never want to need to go to the vet, but when you do, I'm glad I have a place like this to use.

My dog just had a non-anesthetic teeth cleaning. The staff did a great job on my dog's teeth. Every member of the staff was professional, attentive, and caring. I would highly recommend this veterinary center.

I took my dog Chief here because my vet had said his liver enzymes were high long story short they listened to my concerns, x-rays were done and we were off to the ER for surgery. I loved the care they gave my baby and the peace of mind they gave me. I am switching vets needless to say! Love them!


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